Moms gear: Help your child keep away from sunburns with swimwear that changes color in the sun

Maggie O’Neill

Parents can teach their children to be sun aware – and sunburn aware – with a new line of swimwear offered through Seasons UV called LOL. Patterns on the swimwear tops change color to indicate that the sun is strong enough to cause a burn and that it’s time to apply sunscreen or take a break from the sun.

In just a matter of minutes outdoors or in a pool, white hearts on tops turn pink while smiley faces turn to blue on others. Even on an overcast day, the pattern will change if the sun is strong enough. When kids head back inside, the color-changing portion reverts to white.

The pieces also provide an ultraviolet protection factor of 50-plus, dry quickly and can be worn as active daywear. For girls, the shirts are terrific because they provide more coverage than the traditional bathing suit. Bottom pieces can also be ordered for both boys and girls, and there are a variety of other options, including bodysuit-like one pieces.

LOL shirts come in sizes 3 months to 12. They are made in a variety of colors and styles and have different patterns and sleeve lengths. Prices for tops are $20 to $30 and can be ordered through Be sure to look for items designated “LOL” before ordering, and also check out the “before” and “after” images to see how it will change color.