Racing commission extends license application deadline

Thomas Garcia

The deadline to apply for the state’s last racing license has been extended another three weeks by the New Mexico Racing Commission, a key figure in Quay County’s quest to win the license said Thursday.

“The commission has extended the deadline for applications from Sept. 2 to Sept. 23,” said Quay County Gaming Authority Executive Director Warren Frost.

The commission extended the deadline, for other entities interested in applying for the license, said Racing Commission Deputy Director India Hatch.

The previous deadline of Sept. 2 is also the scheduled date for a Colfax County District Court judge to rule on La Mesa Racetrack and Casino’s request for an injunction to stop the application process for the state’s last racing license.

La Mesa, which had held the license but was accused of failing to meet deadlines, has asked the court to stop the commission from awarding it to another racetrack operator.

“We feel there will be others interested in applying for the license once the hearing has been held,” Hatch said.

Frost said there should not be much concern about the extension.

“We are ready to go,” Frost said. “This will not effect us.”

Hatch said to date, the application from Quay County is the only official application which has been submitted to the racing commission.

“Three weeks won’t kill us,” Frost said. “I feel the commission was merely giving La Mesa adequate time for their court date.”