County residents express concerns to Rep. Lujan

Thomas Garcia

More than a dozen Quay County residents met at the Tucumcari Chamber of Commerce Tuesday to speak with U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan.

“We always want to meet with the people to hear their concerns,” Lujan said.

Lujan met with each resident in a one-on-one session as they voiced their concerns.

“We heard a lot of concern about the future of Medicare and Social Security,” Lujan said.

Resident Daniel Lopez said he spoke with Lujan about people abusing the unemployment and SSI.

“These programs are too important to allow people to criminally obtain their assistance,” Lujan said.

Lujan said he will look into ways to ensure programs such as unemployment and SSI are not misused.

“In such hard economic times, we need to make sure these programs are available to help those actually in need of assistance,” Lujan said.

Lujan said he met with several landowners from House, who spoke to him about increasing wind projects and the need for transmission lines.

“This area has shown great strides in the development of renewable energy,” Lujan said. “Mesalands Community College is one great example of those strides.”

Lujan said one issue many farmers wanted to speak to him about was the impact the drought has had on the crops in local areas.

“They would like better treatment,” Lujan said. “Many farmers are saying they are not getting a fair shake from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.”