Living through past gives hope

On August 21, the woman from Ima felt compelled to take a short drive to lma to spend some time just scouting around while enjoying moments of the present and of the past. Although I don’t go there very often, I have noticed for some time that few cattle were to be seen along the route.

After arriving on the plains, I began to see a few head here and there and began to feel more at home because that land used to be peppered with cattle. When I reached the McClary place near the lma School, I became surrounded by a fairly large herd each one looking for a handout. Unfortunately, I had nothing to offer but took the time to admire them and to take several pictures as they talked to me. Hearing them bawl and feeling them against the car surely took me into the past and brought that feeling of being at home.

From then on, I saw cattle along the way and admired each animal because each was a beauty. Obviously, a little more rain had fallen in that area than I had noticed along the way. A tinge of green could be seen in most of the pastures. Of course, I had to get out to check that color and to be sure some real grass was beginning to grow. Just walking around in some of those pastures was a most restful exercise. Being in close communion with nature is great medicine for body and mind. Real relaxation can occur, and a few thoughts can filter into the mind.

I wandered along “a road not taken” in several years and just enjoyed looking into the past while driving in the present. I was seeing many old friends in my thoughts, realizing that few remaining people would recognize most of them. I could visualize their dwellings and recall various times spent in each of them. Such pleasant memories are real treasures and are to be enjoyed by those of us who like to look into the past on occasion. Those treasures remind us of our heritage and make us more proud than ever of our history.

While driving and walking in the present, I was delighted to see some of that greening but also saddened to note what the heat and drought have done to so many of the plants. When cacti are wilting or dying, we know how serious the summer has been. Seeing various evergreen trees suffering was also upsetting. Any time we see those surroundings in trouble, we know just how serious some times are.

Fortunately, we can remember other serious times and know that hope lies ahead because those times went by, and better times came along. Sometimes, the past makes tolerance of the present possible, and we know just how fortunate we are to have lived with the idea of the importance of continuity. Hope keeps us putting one foot in front of the other.