Rattlers look to stay perfect

Thomas Garcia

The 2-0 Rattlers look to stay perfect for homecoming Friday against the West Las Vegas Dons.

“We know it is homecoming, but we are going to have to stay focused on the game as much as possible,” said Rattlers head coach Wayne Ferguson.

Ferguson said the Rattlers will have their handful with the 1-1 Dons come Friday night.

“They have a lot of speed and like to spread the offense,” Ferguson said. “They have some good receivers which we will have to contain.”

Ferguson said the defense will have to keep up with the Dons’ receivers and not give up the big play.

“The Dons are aggressive on defense,” Ferguson said. “They like to crowd the line and blitz on almost every play.”

Ferguson said the strength of the team coming in Friday night and the added distraction of Homecoming are just another part of football.

“There is no magic way of putting it completely out of the player’s minds,” Ferguson said.

While most will be looking to the field for the competition there will be another contest being decided Friday night.

Classmates and long time friends Michelle Fazekas and Kassidi Ulibarri are candidates for Homecoming Queen.

“It’s not a rough as some people might think,” Fazekas said. “I will be happy if my friend won. I am happy I was considered to be a candidate.”

Ulibarri said she would also be happy if Fazekas won Friday night.

While both are not ready to strain their friendship over the contest, they feel it has tested some of their friends.

“We have the same friends and our families are really close,” Fazekas said.

Ulibarri said their friends have had it the worst, they have to choose between us.

While Ulibarri and Michelle would like to see one another win only one can be crowned.

“I am going to be happy either way,” Ulibarri said.

“I’d be happy to see Kassidi win,” Fazekas said. “There would be no disappointment.”

The 0-2 Logan Longhorns are still searching for their first win as they play host to the Gateway Christian Warriors.

“I tell the guys, the season is important we would like to win them all.” Terry said. “Though becoming a strong team is more important.”

Terry said the team is learning to play as a unit which will help them be prepared when it comes time for district play.

“That when it matters the most,” Terry said. “(You) Want to be at your best when district starts.”

Terry said the Longhorns are showing improvement. He said in Tatum there were a couple of plays they missed out on.

“Before the half we missed out on chance to tie the game,” Terry said. “In the second half, the Longhorns missed out on a few plays, which would have gotten us back into game.”