New dog digs niche in my heart

Priscilla Alden (Prissy for short), a very large black lab, has moved to this corner and says she is going to become my new friend.

She landed with a thud on Aug. 27, thanks to Yvette Peacock who was acting in her sister Yvonne Braziel’s behalf. Those two women have come to my rescue more than once, but this may be the most strenuous rescue for me yet as Prissy weighs a little over 100 pounds and thinks she’s a bouncing puppy.

As pet owners are well aware, no new pet ever replaces the former one, therefore Prissy is not replacing Aggie, she is building a new niche in my heart for herself. She keeps telling me to be just a little patient so we can become accustomed to each other and so she can show what a wonderful friend she will be. I tend to look at her in awe and wonder just what has happened to me this time.

In order to get her off to the right beginning, Elizabeth Morris and I took her to the lma area to show her what real country looks like. She had a chance to see the wide open spaces and to check out the pastures on various ranches. She wanted to fit right in, but some of her city ways will have to change just a bit so she will have an easier time walking on real ground, recognizing various sizes of cacti, and knowing when to stay in the car.

She decided that she needs more exercise than she received here the next couple of days and conned me into taking her for a few morning walks in one of our parks. Well, that is most definitely an exhausting experience for one who is used to walking from one chair to the next, but I managed to keep up with her most of the time.

The real problem is that some people don’t keep their dogs in their yards, and they cause Prissy to become overly excited to the point of wanting to chase them. I am going to have to learn to be a better anchor and set my heels as if I were being dragged by a runaway horse.

Because all my other canine friends have carried impressive names, I decided we should choose this name from Longfellow’s poem: “The Courtship of Miles Standish.”

As you may recall, Priscilla was one of the main characters in that and also one of the pilgrims who landed on the east coast. Longfellow made the sentence, “Speak for yourself, John,” famous when Alden was speaking for Standish in asking for Priscilla’s hand.

Henceforth, Prissy will be speaking for herself and will certainly create her place and her rules on this corner.

Thank you again, Yvonne and Yvette.