Sharing stories family tradition

I had an awesome and busy weekend. Not only was it Labor Day weekend, with temperatures in the high 70’s and rain to boot. It was also the Garcia family reunion.

Now, as you may have read in the past, my family means everything to me. So naturally I truly am in heaven when we all gather each year to catch up and spend time together.

Of course every time you get family together the good natured kidding and ribbing begins. We are not trying to be mean, we just have a funny way of showing our affection.

I’m sure you and your family are the same way or share a unique way to convey your feelings.

The older family members have the best stories. When they begin to recall some embarrassing story about their siblings or children, well it is priceless.

I spent a good portion of my time listening to these stories, sharing a few of my own and of course being the topic of the stories.

I can still hear my cousins laughter as we sat around joking and reminiscing on the good old days.

With each year the stories get better, the suspense, the surprise and ultimately, the delivery.

If we were to write a book, I am sure we’d all be on the phone, Facebook or knocking on each others doors with that “You just had to tell that story” look.

The best part about the stories is that none of them are as you would call scandalous. They are mostly good humored stories which, yes, at times will make you blush. Though in the end you jump right in with the insults, continue to joke around and take the hits with stride.

The time I spend with family reminds me that life is too short and we need to share and enjoy these stories.

The stories are a way to carry family with you, while you go on with your daily routine.

We can only get together one time a year and many times some of us can not make it to the reunion.

Though they may be absent, rest assured someone there has a story that will draw out our laughter and make it seem as if they were right there with us.

Yes, family truly does bring out the very best in us, and at times, thanks to Gloria Navarro it can be embarrrrraaaassssing.