Proposed Legislative redistricting will split Quay County

Thomas Garcia

A bill introduced by House Democrats Friday during the a special session of Legislature proposes splitting Quay County into four legislative districts.

“This bill will remove me from representing Quay, Union and Harding County,” said Rep. Dennis Roch.

Roch said HB 39 was introduced by Rep. Mary Helen Garcia and would split Tucumcari’s representation into four districts — 63, 67, 68 and 70.

“They would place portions of Tucumcari and Quay County into districts which have no intentions of moving their home bases,” Roch said. “This would be disastrous for the representation of Quay County’s interest in the legislature.”

Roch said the District 63 home base is in Santa Rosa, District 68 in Raton/Springer and District 70 in Las Vegas. He said his district coverage would change to Quay County precincts 2, 3 and 4 — Forrest, San Jon and Nara Visa, extending south to Hobbs.

Roch said this is being done because the population numbers in those districts has fallen 15 percent. He said in the past, the 70 legislative district have had a population base of 29,000.

“The population growth has been concentrated in the west side of the state,” Roch said. “Tucumcari is basically being carved up to pad the population numbers for the representatives in those three districts where population has dropped.”

Roch said he plans to fight HB 39 in an effort to continue to serve the interest