Tucumcari restaurant owners win award

Thomas Garcia

Less than 24 hours after winning “Restaurateur of the Year” at the New Mexico Restaurant Association annual Hospitality Industry Awards in Albuquerque, Yvette Peacock and Yvonne Braziel were back at work doing exactly what earned them such a high honor.

“The red carpet treatment stopped the minute we got back in to town,” Braziel said.

Peacock and Braziel are the owners and operators of Del’s, Kix on 66 and Rockin’ Y’s Roadhouse restaurants in Tucumcari.

“They must think we are very successful or crazy for operating three restaurants within seven blocks of each other,” Braziel said.

Braziel said Yvonne has done an excellent job ensuring that all three restaurants offer local and traveling diners a variety of choices.

“Each restaurant has it’s own unique atmosphere and culinary experience,” Peacock said.

Peacock said winning the award was an exciting event. However, she said once they got home it was back to business as usual.

“It’s always on going,” Peacock said. “We will never feel like we have made it, or are on top because we are constantly trying to do better.”

Peacock and Braziel’s dedication to their business was apparent. During their interview for this article they had to pause to handle kitchen and employee issues. They were also in the midst of preparing for two tour busses which were set to arrive within the hour at Del’s and Rockin’ Y’s Roadhouse.

“It does not stop simply because you won an award,” Braziel said. “We are right back at it taking care of the day-to-day operations and promotion of the businesses.”

Peacock and Braziel were selected from among 32 other restaurant’s and owners at the Hospitality Industry Awards dinner, which was held at the Embassy Suites in Albuquerque.

“We had no idea we would be selected over those nominated from Albuquerque and Santa Fe,” said Braziel.

Braziel said when they were announced as the winners the spotlight fell to her as she had to deliver and impromptu too speech.

“It makes you feel that all the hard work and effort you have put forward has been time well spent,” Braziel said. “To be recognized for your work and being from a small town is a big honor.”