Clearing emotions of ‘junk’ also important

It is fall cleanup around our place although it didn’t start out that way. It all began with a search for a set of stainless steel mixing bowls.

We knew they were somewhere, but where? We didn’t find the bowls (yet), but the search launched a garage sale and cleaning.

I opened box after box including some, I am ashamed to say, that were untouched since we moved into our home seven years ago. Experts say if you haven’t opened a box in a year you don’t need it and should get rid of it without looking inside. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist opening some of the boxes and peering inside.

As we set out items for the sale, I was flooded with memories surrounding many of the objects. I remembered when they were purchased or where I lived at the time they came into my possession. All of a sudden I wanted to pack them up and put them where they could remain untouched and forgotten until another day.

We forged on and soon had a room filled with a myriad of stuff from several decades. We were ready for the sale, but I was unsure if I could let go of some of my treasures. I did take home a little knick knack I had in high school. I figured if it had remained in my possession all those years, I might as well keep it.

Now that these things are in their new homes, I no longer have regrets. In fact, I am planning another sale at a later time to sell many Christmas decorations I collected over the years. I would rather someone get enjoyment out of them.

What does all of this have to do with a spiritual application? I wondered the same thing until the Lord spoke to my heart. The Lord showed that I not only hold onto material things, but also other “junk” in my heart that needed to be discarded long ago. There are hurt feelings that were hidden away long ago only to spill out after several years. As our pastor says, “get over it”. I couldn’t change what happened all those years ago but I could choose to let them go forever.

Besides hurt feelings, I sometimes allow irritations and distractions into my life that keep me away from my walk with the Lord. I may be stepping on toes (mine for sure), but I find myself being distracted by the computer and television when I need to work on my daily devotions.

Are there things in your life you need to let go? There are so many good things in this world, but they are not always what we need. It is easy to get too much “stuff” in our lives both material and mental and there is nothing like a good cleaning to make you feel better. Are you ready to let them go? Start with one thing and you will be surprised to see where it ends.