Udall visits county

Thomas Garcia

Over a dozen Quay County farmers, ranchers and small business owners met with Sen. Tom Udall on Friday during an Agribusiness Roundtable.

The roundtable was held at the New Mexico State University Agricultural Science Center north of Tucumcari.

“The Science Center is a big asset to the community and area,” said Udall, “to be doing the kind of work on agriculture, which will help out the farmers and ranchers in your area.”

Ag Science Center Superintendent Rex Kirksey said the smaller crowd and venue made it possible for Udall to hear everyone’s concerns and ideas.

“In a large public forum not everyone gets a chance to be heard,” Kirksey said. “We felt Senator Udall really listened as we discussed the issues of interest.”

Udall said one of the key points of the round table was making jobs available for the youth, so they do not have to leave the community.

“The overall thrust was the idea of growing the community, having jobs in the community available for the young people raised there,” Udall said.

Udall said one way of helping rural New Mexico thrive is getting the communities interconnected with the rest of the state, country and world.

“Broadband (Internet) is a tool, which I have been strongly advocating to make available in rural communities,” he said. “Imagine if you are fully connected with broadband. A company any place in the world could decide they want to open a workplace or branch in Tucumcari or Quay County.”

Udall said another big issue discussed was construction of transmission lines to export the solar and wind resources out of the area.

“I can not think of a better win-win situation for a farmer or rancher,” Udall said.