Rattlers angling for second place

Thomas Garcia

The (6-3, 1-1) Tucumcari Rattlers will be competing for second place Friday in district 2 2A against rival Santa Rosa Lions.

“These teams have been true for 13 years,” said Rattlers head coach Wayne Ferguson.

Ferguson said the rivalry began in 1999 when Tucumcari dropped down from 3A to 2A in the Lions’ district.

“The games mean a lot more when they become a district match-up,” Ferguson said.

In those years the Rattlers have had the task of preparing for the (7-2, 1-1) Lions variation of the single wing formation.

“It is an unconventional formation to prepare for,” Ferguson said. “We have a week to prepare for the formation.”

Ferguson said while practicing it is often difficult to duplicate the speed which the Lions attack with in that formation.

“We just need to be on our game and stop them,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson said in playing a good team like the Lions his team will have to focus on taking care of the ball and limiting the mistakes.

“It’s a simple fact, when you make mistakes and they don’t, it hurts you,” Ferguson said.

Game time: Friday at 7 p.m.