Lions overpower Rattlers 47-0

Thomas Garcia

The Tucumcari Rattlers were blown out 47-0 Friday night by the district rival Santa Rosa Lions at Rattler Stadium.

“When you lose 47-0 it’s no longer a player issue, it’s a coaching issue,” Rattlers coach Wayne Ferguson said.

Ferguson said they are going to get back on the field and coach the team like they deserve.

“The guys were doing things they were never taught and it got them in trouble,” Ferguson said. “We simply need to play.”

Lions coach Mario Trujillo said despite the big win he will remind his team to respect the nature and power in which the Rattlers play.

“When you beat a team like Tucumcari it really is something,” Trujillo said. “Coach Ferguson does a great job with the boys.”

Trujillo said coming in to Friday’s game he told his team to respect and recognize Tucmucari’s backfield speed and talent.

“Going in to the playoffs it’s a whole different season,” Trujillo “The team that gets matched up with the Rattlers better do their homework.”

With the playoffs close at hand the Rattlers know they have a lot of work to prepare for the postseason.

“We need to come out ready to play and keep our minds on football,” said quarterback Luke Smith.

Rattlers linebacker Esteban Martinez said the team needs to practice twice as hard and come out with intensity.

“We need to stop messing around,” Martinez said. “We can’t let them drive our defensive line backwards.

Martinez said the team has what it takes to win, they just can’t get their heads down when things go wrong.

“I believe in this team,” Martinez said. “I know we can do it.”

Scoring summary:


Rosa- Josh Tenorio 28 yard run (kick no good)

Rosa- Timothy Valverde 1 yard run (two point conversion Tenorio)

Rosa- Valverde 60 yard run (kick Ryan Lopez)


Rosa- Valverde 4 yard run (kick Lopez)

Rosa Valverde 45 yard run (kick no good)


Rosa- Marcus Lopez 16 yard run (kick Lopez)

Rosa- Lopez 42 yard run (kick Lopez)