Logan teams post sweep against Hartley

Thomas Garcia

The Longhorns and Lady Longhorns eached earned their first wins of the season against the Tigers of Hartley, Texas.

The Longhorns made 9-of-11 free throws to extend their lead back to double digits in the final two minutes of Monday’s 75-61 win over the Tigers, while the girls rode an aggressive offense for a 70-51 victory.

Rylan Calbert scored 24, including 10-of-12 at the line, to lead the Longhorns.

Free throws were one of the deciding factors in the final period for the Longhorn boys. The Tigers made 6-of-7 free throws, which, when combined with two 3-pointers by Kody Carsler, whittled a 20-point lead down to eight.

“We put them on the line and that came back to haunt us,” said. Longhorns head coach Arnold Paralez. “They kept their composure and played well. They made their shots when they needed them the most.”

Tigers coach Sonny Calhoun said he kept reminding the team not to give up no each other.

“I told them they had to fight through it all,” Calhoun said. “No matter how far down we were, they knew they couldn’t and wouldn’t quit.”

Calhoun said a large part of their comeback was executing defensive fundamentals.

“We knew we had to take away their lanes and keep them from driving the ball,” Calhoun said.

Peralez said the late pressure and comeback from the Tigers is exactly what the team needs to see starting off the season.

“This will show them that you can’t ever slack off, even when you hold a 20 point lead,” Peralez said.

Karsler scored 22 points to lead the Tigers.