Police: Burglaries on rise

QCS staff

Over the past three months there has been a increase of burglaries unusual to Tucumcari, said Deputy Police Chief Peter Rivera.

Rivera said the department is aware of the issue and is taking steps to address the problem.

“Our evening and night shift officers are stopping the people they see out and identifying them,” Rivera said. “They are also increasing their patrols.”

Rivera said they have some leads concerning the burglaries but they have had difficulty with the randomness of the crimes.

“They are spread out around the community,” Rivera said. “There is no pattern of determinable method to the crimes.”

Rivera said so far several commercial business such as restaurants have been hit along with vehicles.

“We are asking residents to report any suspicious activity or subjects,” Rivera said. “It may not seem like it but any and all information helps.”

Rivera said participation from the community is key in solving and preventing these type of crimes.

“Residents will know their neighborhoods better than any officer,” Rivera said. “They will know who belongs and who is out of place.”

Rivera said residents can also reduce the chances of vehicle burglary by removing items from their car and locking the doors.

“Take all items of value out of your car, even if it is parked beside or in front of your house,” he said.

Rivera said there has also been an increase of burglaries at local hotels and motels.

“There are people removing luggage from the racks of vehicles and tampering with travel trailers,” Rivera said.

Rivera said he believes the burglaries are being done by two separate groups.

“It seems the person or persons stealing from the hotels and motels know those areas,” Rivera said.

Rivera said officers are patrolling the hotel parking lots and clerks have been asked to call if they see any suspicious people in the parking lot.

“We don’t want anyone to have to deal with that feeling that comes from having your items stolen,” Rivera said. “Be it local resident or tourist passing through. We want to provide a safe community for all of them.”