Railroad facilitated growth in Tucumcari

During the territorial days, the Tucumcari Commercial Club printed a folder to advertise the town and to make a few predictions for the future. Obviously, the club was an active civic organization whose major purpose was to create interest among the business people and to advertise the area. Their enthusiasm shows in some of their predictions for the future.

“Tucumcari has her head above the level. She has forged ahead and is a full length in the lead of any town within a radius of 300 miles and gaining by leaps and bounds. She has passed the experimental stage and is destined to become the metropolis of Eastern New Mexico.”

As we read such comments, we can feel the excitement of the citizens who were building a new town and looking forward to a bright future. Such feelings made the people want to keep building and to make this a place in which the future generations could have a good life.

“S. H. Hancock, a Texas capitalist, in a recent statement said: ‘Five years hence Tucumcari will be the largest in population and the most important distribution point in the Territory of New Mexico.’ This belief is indulged by not only Mr. Hancock and the citizenship within her limits, but by every man who has watched her progress and considered surrounding conditions.”

Because of the various railroads bringing in many employees, the citizens of the area could see a bright future and were eager to build sound foundations for that time. They worked together to make many of their dreams come true as they forged ahead and maintained their courage. The businesses grew and the population increased rapidly during those early years.

When the telephone became popular, the dreams grew because the people could be in touch with neighbors in the surrounding area almost instantly. “Telephone connections already exist between Tucumcari and the following towns: Santa Rosa, Montoya, Texico, Endee, Nara Visa, Dalhart, Amarillo, Bell Ranch, and nearly all post offices within 50 miles.”

Being able to communicate so readily via both telephone and telegraph brought the citizens closer to each other and enhanced the business community as well as the social community. Being a railroad center certainly caused the businesses to grow and the various industries to increase. Between the railroad and the agricultural industries, the future became ever brighter. Our pioneers were most definitely getting ready for statehood.