Better to do holiday shopping early

As the holidays are quickly approaching I can’t help but feel Chuck Berry had a good point when he sang “Run Run Rudolph.”

It seems like each day despite my best efforts I am running out of time. Every week there are more and more events going to than I have time to deal with.

I’m sure I am not the only one to feel a bit overwhelmed by the holiday rush. This time of year we all are hustling and bustling ultimately in an effort to have some time to sit back and relax.

I, at times, find it comical we have to do so much before we relax. You know, sort of a trial or right of passage.

The best part is we often do it to ourselves, by procrastinating and waiting to the very last minute to do things. You know what I’m talking about right?

When all those people were already Christmas shopping in September and we stood back shaking our heads thinking they were crazy. Well guess what…while we are out running around in a panic they are sitting back laughing and saying that time honored snide remark “I told you so.”

I’m pretty sure that phrase is the only non-cuss word phrase which drives me crazy.

“I told you so.” It’s an insult, jab to the ribs, kick in the face, the very depants-ing of your dignity and we have to stand there and take it because they are right.

Sometimes people don’t even have to say it to get you in the same way. They can simple say “Oh, I got my shopping done months ago,” or “Oh, you still haven’t gotten that done?”

The best part is when you have those people who remind you just how many days are left until Christmas. They seem to have it down to the very second at times. They also have a knack at mentioning if you’re ordering gifts online you have so many days for it to arrive before Christmas. Even at the speed of Cyber Space I’m operating too slow it seems.

So what shall I do? Panic, give up? Or perhaps take a vacation day? Do I attempt to do in one day what others have done over the past couple of months?

I’ll tell you what I do. This year I smile and get to be one of those “I told you so” folk.

That’s right, this year I took steps to ensure that I would not be running around like a mad man tackling a grandmother for the last circular saw on sale. What, I saw it first. And don’t let her fool you, granny has a mean swing with that cane.

So with 11 days left till Christmas, I would like to extend a message of hope to all those still rushing around trying to get it all done.

Stop, breathe and try to remember your limitations. There is still a chance at that perfect holiday. You know the one with snow on the ground, a brightly decorated tree, and a peaceful and organized turkey dinner. You just have to tune to Lifetime or ABC Family channel to see it.

It’s the holidays. It’s not being on time or well prepared that makes it wonderful. It’s just being with the ones you love.

Oh, by the way, “I told you so.”