Letter to the editor: Voter fraud fabricated issue

The conservative all- encompassing emergency now in vogue is, gasp, voter fraud. Never mind that it does not exist, the conservatives are going to spare no effort to install the solution and then “invent” the problem. The real purpose is to put in roadblocks to hamper minority and poor voting, which tends to be pro Democrats.

There have been 19 laws and two executive actions taken in 14 Republican-dominated states to make it harder for citizens to vote. Photo ID, driver’s license, is a favorite, limiting early voting another tactic. There is estimated to be 21 million citizens, 11 percent of the population, with no government ID cards (driver’s license) but are registered voters.

The Justice Depart-ment put a hold on South Carolina requiring photo ID for voting citing statistics that showed 81,938 minority citizens who are already registered to vote do not have department of motor vehicle issued IDs, the most common one used. Kansas’s secretary of state said there had been 221 cases of voter fraud since 1997 (14 years). This was investigated by the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle and found almost all were honest mistakes.

How about a written test and a poll tax to weed out the riff raff.