County resident raises tumbleweed concerns

Thomas Garcia

An eyesore, fire hazard and reminder of New Mexico winds has one county resident concerned and asking when county officials will act.

“They are everywhere,” Jo Collins, a resident on Quay County’s Elder Street about numerous tumbleweeds which seem to have taken root in the ditches and fence lines along her street.

“They sure are ugly, lining my fence and taking over my yard,” Collins said.

The county road is just outside of Tucumcari, a metal post sign that once held a city limits sign still stands and is the only marker which indicates a change in domain.

City Fire Chief Mike Cherry said he looked at the area and went to talk with county officials about the situation.

“I was contacted about the tumbleweeds,” Cherry said. “I know they are working on a way to clean up and remove those tumbleweeds. It’s not going to be an easy task.”

Collins said one of the main concerns she has is collecting and removing the tumbleweeds to prevent a potentially dangerous wild fire situation.

“I am 91 years old, I get around the best I can,” Collins said. “I hope I’d be able to get out in time if there was a fire.”

The tumbleweeds along Elder Street have been reported and the county is currently working on a way to address the problem, said Donald Adams, county fire marshal.

“I went out to the area along with County Manager Richard Primrose,” Adams said. “I know something is being planned, but Richard would know more about that.”

Primrose was unavailable immediately for comment, as he and the county commissioners and clerk are attending the annual Association of Counties Conference in Santa Fe.

“I am not sure what can be done,” Collins said. “Those tumbleweeds are a part of nature and we all know the wind is going to blow.”

Collins said she would appreciate any effort by the county to clean up the eyesores.

“They are not the prettiest of things to look at,” Collins said.