Candidate Q&A: Dora Salinas-McTigue

Editor’s note: The following candidate is running for the four-year term of city commissioner for District 1.

Candidates were asked the same questions and asked to keep their responses to 100 words or less.

The municipal election is March 6. Tuesday was the first day for absentee voting. Feb. 15 is the first day for early voting.

Name: Dora Salinas-McTigue

Age: Candidate declined to answer.

Occupation: Real Estate Property Owner/ Manager

Please list previous or current elected offices or other organizations you feel prepare you for a commission seat: BPW. San Fernando Valley, Calif. Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, San Fernando Valley, Calif. California State Employees Association Representative, Kiwanis Membership Chair.

Q: What are your goals if you are elected and how do you plan to implement them?

A: Tucumcari is a community with a lot of potential. When I am elected I will strive to get city moving in a positive direction, progress and prosperity will follow. Small steps at a time, but no stepping back. We need to get commissioners and staff to work together .

Q: What is something the city commission has done well over the last four years?

A: Formed a united front (as it should be) to try to bring the racino to Tucumcari; Our community responded in a positive way to their efforts (wonderful).

Q: What is something the city commission has not done well? How do you intend to correct that if elected?

A: They do not respond well to the community needs and complaints. How I would change that is to give the public the opportunity to express their concerns. All we want is to be heard.

Q: What do you feel the city needs to focus on as a whole?

A: Pride, pride, pride, we need to have pride in our Tucumcari, raise our heads and be proud that we live here. Residents have to do their part; clean up their yards trash and get rid of junk vehicles visible to public.

Q: What do you feel the city needs to focus on in your district?

A: Repair and add some more trash dumpsters, patch holes in streets and pay more attention to residents in my district.

Q: Last question: 150 words, whatever else you want to say.

A: We need to have all politicians that represent our community do a better job. When I am elected I will make it a point to visit with these representatives. There has to be programs and financial packages that will benefit our community. Tucumcari deserves to have the same opportunities that surrounding areas have.