Wrestling team bound for Los Alamos

The Tucumcari Rattlers wrestling team will get a chance to see potential state competition this weekend at Los Alamos.

"We will have a chance to see what we will be up against," said Rattlers head coach Eddie Encinias.

Encinias said the Rattlers team has been doing great the past two weeks, competing at Ruidoso and Robertson.

Rattlers senior Esteban Martinez said he was able to win against some potential state competition at the two tournaments.

"It gave me a chance to see where I am," Martinez said. "I know I can beat them now it is on me too keep my strength and conditioning up."

Encinias was stressing that same message to the rest of the Rattlers wrestling team at Tuesday's practice.

"It's all on you guys," Encinias said. "I have done all I can. From now on it is your own will and desire that will push you to get stronger and condition harder."

Encinias said each individual is now responsible to the effort they put into every exercise and repetition.

"They know what it takes to win," Encinias said. "If they fail, it's because they did not push themselves."

Encinias said while the team had several medalists in the past two weeks there have been a few set backs as they prepare for district and state.

One of those set backs is Rattlers senior Chris Apodaca injury at Robertson. Apodaca said he was sluggish on Jan. 21 at Ruidoso and injured his collar bone Jan. 28 at Robertson.

"I will not be wrestling at Los Alamos," Apodaca said. "I will take the week of in order to prepare for district."

Apodaca said taking the week off will give him enough time to heal, allowing him to practice full next week for district.

"These guys have got the right mind set," Encinias said. "They are going to do all they can to win, because it's what they want, it's what they have been working so hard for all year."

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