Candidate Q&A: Amy J. Gutierrez

Editor’s note: The following candidates are running for the four-year term of city commissioner for District 2. Candidates for the seat include incumbent Jimmy R. Sandoval, Howard D. Littell and Agnes T. Arellano.

Candidates were asked the same questions and asked to keep their responses to 100 words or less.

The municipal election is March 6. Tuesday is the first day for absentee voting. Feb. 15 is the first day for early voting.

Amy J. Gutierrez

Age: 39

Occupation: Assistant Cashier (operations supervisor) The First National Bank of New Mexico

Please list previous or current elected offices or other organizations you feel prepare you for a commission seat: I am currently serving as Vice President of The Mother Road Rally, Secretary of Tucumcari Main Street and Active member/volunteer of Tucumcari Elks Lodge No. 1172. I have volunteered for Army Community Services and Youth Recreations at White Sands Missile Range. I also have more than 15 years of management/supervisory experience.

Q: What are your goals if you are elected and how do you plan to implement them?

A: My goal would be to do the best job I possibly can keeping an open mind to the reality that I can’t do this alone, but rather, with the assistance of the commission, as a team. Ultimately to reach any goal we must do it together. When we fail it’s together, when we succeed it’s together.

Q: What is something the city commission has done well over the last four years?

A: The current commission has been able to obtain adequate funding for the improvement/repaving of some streets. They have worked towards resolutions to water issues which included the waste water treatment plant.

Q: What is something the city commission has not done well? How do you intend to correct that if elected?

A: It is not my desire to be negative to those who have served our community. We must remember we voted them into the positions they currently hold because we felt they were best qualified at that time. If they have failed in any way and you strongly feel change is necessary then make sure to vote because without that nothing can change.

Q: What do you feel the city needs to focus on as a whole?

A: We as a community need to come together to rebuild what was once a thriving community. It all takes time and the efforts of many to achieve the goal of making Tucumcari a better place to live. It won’t be done over night and won’t be easy but nothing worth while ever is. We must utilize the recourses we have and continue to find more.

Q: What do you feel the city needs to focus on in your district?

A: There are many things in my district that need to be addressed but mainly the first thing is the roads. We are in desperate need of street repair. There are poor lighting conditions in some areas and the sidewalkd, curbs and gutters, — or lack thereof — are an issue that need attention. We are aware that funding is necessary but ask for some attention to those areas.

Q: Last question: 150 words, whatever else you want to say.

A: I would just like to ask for the opportunity to be your voice and serve my community. I give you my word to do the best job I can by making sound, informed and rational decisions. I encourage everyone to vote regardless of who it is for. Your vote matters!!