Residents share history

Recently, four of our citizens presented an outstanding program at Tucumcari Historical Museum. They talked about the history of New Mexico and of our area, as well as about how other history affected us and even about what is often termed the 11 pre-history" of our area. The speakers were "Harve" Abercrombie, "Si" Reid, Alene McMurphy, and Ruth Daniel.

Mr. Abercrombie talked about his youth in Quay County and about how far a boy from Quay County can travel during a life time. He gave a good over view of his life from the late 1920's to the present, explaining how much he learned from his travels and how glad he now is to have come full circle. If you meet him on the street and ask how he is, he'll reply, "I'm a lot better than I have any right to be." He is one of our classic story tellers and always has time to tell a tale or two.

General Reid also talked about his youth in Quay County and gave us a brief look at the earlier history of our state. He then talked about how many of our citizens served in World War 11. He took us back to Pearl Harbor and then mentioned his being present in Japan when many of the American prisoners of war were freed. As did the other three speakers, he certainly showed his pride in our county, our state, and our country.

Mrs. McMurphy spoke about many of the businesses we had on Main Street and took us back to the active period of our town and county. She talked about her youth, about the schools, and about the changes she has seen during her life. She also talked about her various jobs and about the different eras she has lived through. She revived our memories of those days during which many activities occurred on Main Street and throughout our county. As did the others, she brought history to life as she talked and allowed many of us to recall our own experiences.

Mrs. Daniel talked much about the earliest inhabitants of our area and showed pictures to illustrate the era during which those people carved pictographs and petroglyphs on the walls of caves and on the large rocks scattered throughout this area. She explained the significance of those drawings and their contribution to our knowledge of our very early history.

Each of the speakers has lived throughout a significant portion of our area's history as the 47th state in the Union. They made us aware of how important our history is and what a privilege it is to have a part in making it. The annex at the museum was crowded with people who had enjoyed similar experiences and people who had moved into the area only recently. Such a program gives each of us an opportunity to renew the pride we carry as citizens of Quay County Also, we become more aware of the importance of preserving as much of our history as possible.

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 461-1952.

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