Mesalands students pour 5,600 pounds of iron at event

Thomas Garcia

An event record 5,600 pounds of iron was poured Friday night at the 14th annual Mesalands Community College’s Iron Pour, according to D’Jean Jawrunner, fine arts/faculty director at Mesalands.

“The overall excess was very well,” Jawrunner said. “All the molds were filled and no one was hurt.”

Jawrunner said she gauges the success of the pour by the number of injuries avoided versus the number of molds completed.

“When you have a pour where no one is even hurt, you have a successful pour,” Jawrunner said.

Jawrunner said along with no injuries, all of the mold that were poured were successful. She said 100 guest attended the pour with 170 molds filled.

“Nothing broke or fell apart,” Jawrunner said. “In the past we will occasionally lose one mold at a event, though our success in the past is very high.”

David Bradford, a student at Mesalands said his mold had broken three times before the pour. He said he was happy that it held together for the actual pour.

“It’s a fertility goddess with Phoenix fire wings,” Bradford said. “I didn’t have a chance to complete the mold. Though I will be happy with the end results.”

Jawrunner said this year’s pour had 35 students from eight different states participating in the week long event held at the college’s foundry.

“The students were very enthusiastic this year,” Jawrunner said. “The new students watched and learned from the returning students. Most of the students stayed 12 hours every day to complete their pieces.”

Susan Stacy, a student in this year’s iron pour, has been participating in this course for about the last 19 years. She was born and raised in Tucumcari and has been interested in art since she could remember. Stacy’s first sculpture was a whale made out of soap, and in the eighth grade, she received her first commission to sculpt a Boston terrier for a school teacher. Stacy is well known for her horses sculpted out of both iron and bronze.

“I do all my sculpting from pictures. It would be too difficult to do it from memory,” Stacy said. “I still have a lot to learn. I would recommend this class to everyone, even those that feel they aren’t artistic. Everyone can create some kind of art. I believe everyone has the ability to do so.”