Videos remind me of Aggie days

Most of you are well aware that I am a proud New Mexico State University Aggie and am particularly proud to have received my first degree from then New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

While I was still in the English Department, I became involved in a project that was to recognize our centennial. Many of the outstanding individuals of the area were interviewed, and all proceedings were taped so the program could be put together in the form of VCR tapes and shown on our PBS station. I was fortunate enough to receive a set of those tapes in 1987 and have viewed them on occasion in the interim.

Recently, a friend, Meredith Caldwell, from Mesilia Park, sent me a set of six discs that contain the contents of those tapes: THE CELEBRATION OF 100 YEARS OF EDUCATION AND SERVICE- MEMORIES OFLEARNING — 1887 TO 1987.

Because she grew up in Las Cruces and had the privilege of spending much time in the Malone Drug Store, owned by her parents, she knew most of the people interviewed and also had a number of them as professors. She knew how much I would enjoy viewing everything in its new condition, and she certainly was correct.

I spent six wonderful days viewing each disc and reliving much of the last 57 years since my graduation. The whole experience was similar to visiting with so many old friends, most of whom are no longer with us. Listenting to their voices and seeing them in their surroundings was a real treat. Of course, I was particularly drawn to my mentors Dr. Marion P. Hardman and Dr. Newman T. Reed of the English Department as I sat with them during those interviews and had such fun at the time.

Seeing General Hugh M. Milton, former president, and former vice-president Bill O'Donnell, both who had also helped me so much through the years, was a real thrill. Also, listening to Dr. Gerald Thomas, former president, caused me to smile as I recalled many of our visits during his tenure as president and now since his retirement. Seeing and listening to all the others who were friends made me aware of how very fortunate I was to have attended that university, to have taught there, and to have known so many wonderful people, and even a few who would not consider me as a friend because of our disagreements. I can now laugh about those and feel sure they can too because time has passed and their significance no longer exists.

Life has been very good to this Aggie because of those outstanding people who cared enough to help so many of us receive solid educations. We also have our "memories of learning!"

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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