Too much rush, not enough picture taking

In our everyday lives, it seems we tend to rush, rush, rush and not look up.

It's not that we are not watching where we are going, or are wondering around aimlessly. We all have routines, jobs, chores or responsibilities. Call it what you will, we are always in motion.

Now there is nothing wrong with being busy, though at times we get so busy we work ourselves into a rut.

This is one of many mesas located in southern Quay County along NM 209. The storm clouds add to the beauty of the landscape.

This gives us tunnel vision, sort of like a horse with blinders on we tend just to look ahead, not taking in our natural surroundings.

Of course I too am guilty of walking around with these blinders. In fact I am embarrassed to say this, I just recently realized how much our vast countryside looks like a postcard or painting.

Now don't get me wrong, I've always thought our region is beautiful with its wildlife, plants, landscapes and sunsets.

However, as I was traveling on State Highway 209, I noticed several instances where the horizon would make for a great postcard or Southwest painting.

I decided to drive along some other state and county roads and found several locations that would make for a picture perfect snap shot.

There was one time I even ran into some people taking pictures of the very landscape I was enjoying.

I think I've taken my surroundings for granted. Yes the wind blows and we have not had a good rain in quite some time.

However, when you take a moment to take it all in, you can see past all of that and what you see, depending on the time of day, can be quite wonderful.

I'm starting to think those people I have seen running around town and stopped on the side of the road with cameras aren't so crazy after all.

(Thomas Garcia is the senior writer at the Quay County Sun. Contact him at

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