Everybody knows Ralph Garcia

It never surprises me when I meet people and they ask about my father.

When I ran into an old schoolmate over the weekend, the first thing he asked after saying hi to me was, "How's your dad?"

Anthony Lawrence has known my dad for many years and some can recall their great prank war at Logan Food Market in the 1990s.

People young and old, near and far seem to befriend my dad. Ralph is sitting with Savannah Williams, while he was visiting my sister Nicole Garcia in Las Cruces.

It started with Vaseline on the door handles of my dad's Chevy Blazer, then progressed to cheese spray on Anthony's Ford Fiesta capped by Lawrence and Tanner Osborn's saran wrapping the Blazer shut.

Lawrence has told me he would never forget those days and how much he likes my dad.

"Tell him where I live and tell him to come by," Lawrence said "I miss the old guy and would love to visit with him, maybe give him a little hell."

Then today as I was working on a story, Fire Chief Mike Cherry asked if my dad were Ralph Garcia from Nara Visa. Seems they used to work together at the diner in Nara Visa.

"You be sure to tell him Mike said 'hi,'" Cherry said. "See if he remembers me. That guy was always on the go."

Well Mike, nothing has changed. He is still very much on the go.

The rest of us are doing our best to keep up.

(Thomas Garcia is the senior writer at the Quay County Sun. Contact him at tgarcia@qcsunonline.com)

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