Fire deemed suspicious

QCS photo: Thomas Garcia

State fire investigator Sam Anaya examines the damage at the Adult Probation office following a fire Monday morning. The probation office is reported as a complete loss with several surrounding buildings reporting heavy smoke damage.

The Monday morning fire that destroyed the adult probation office in Tucumcari is being listed as suspicious and the cause is still undetermined according to fire officials.

Tucumcari Fire Chief Mike Cherry said the cause of the fire is still being investigated by State fire officials.

"It's to soon to know what caused the fire," Cherry said, "though the fire itself is being classified as suspicious."

Cherry said city fire units were called to the probation office in the 200 block of East Main at 3:45 Monday morning. He said the blaze took several hours to extinguish.

Cherry said fire crews were able to contain the fire to the one building though three nearby buildings sustained serious smoke damage in addition to the destruction of the probation office.

Jeff Nunn, president Citizen's Bank said there was damage done to a conference room from the heat of the fire and the rest of the building suffered smoke damage.

"The west side of the building was damaged by the fire," Nunn said. "Business was interrupted Monday morning, though the bank is now open for business as usual."

Nunn said they are still in the process of cleaning up, from the smoke damage. He said those efforts to clean up will be during and after business hours.

"These efforts will not interfere with the operations of this bank or the service to our customers," Nunn said.

The operations of the adult probation's and parole office were in the process of being moved to the Quay County Courthouse when the fire took place, said Susan Paulter, probation and parole supervisor.

"Our new permanent location will be in the basement of the courthouse," Paulter said.

Paulter said those needing to contact the probation and parole office can contact her at 575-495-0313 until a new office number is set up.

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