Loss puts Rattlers in potential three-way tie

A 11-3 loss Tuesday to the Texico Wolverines at Tucumcari placed the Rattlers in a potential three-way tie for first in district.

QCS photo: Thomas Garcia

Wolverines second baseman Justin Lopez is forced to move as Rattlers Jordan Walker steals the base following a wild pass from the third baseman Carlos Silva to first baseman Lorenzo Calmenero during Tuesday's game.

"We need to take care of business Friday at Clayton," said Senior Esteban Martinez.

Texico (11-11, 6-2) blew the game open with a seven-run sixth, bouyed by five consecutive hits, and Jarron Hill threw a 63-pitch complete game.

The Rattlers scored twice in the seventh, including an RBI double by Jordan Walker, but couldn't finish off the comeback.

"We have been able to hit the ball deep," senior George Montano said. "The problem is we are hitting right to the outfielders."

Rattlers head coach Tony Alarcon said the team needs to limit their errors and stop pop flying out so much.

"It's all there, we just need to put it together," Alarcon said. "We need to stop putting them into position to score, then giving up the big play."

Alarcon said the Rattlers (12-8, 5-3) were unable to get into rhythm with their hitting, a problem which plagued the team on Friday during their 8-2 loss to the Santa Rosa Lions.

"We split wins with the Lions, which was bad cause we need to sweep them," Alarcon said. "If we had swept the Lions we would not be in the position we are in now."

Alarcon said the way things have gone is just the nature of the game. He said the team has to move forward and concentrate on winning.

"We can't look past Clayton and just think we are going to win," Montano said.

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