Food for thought

When it comes to politics I have heard some people say the candidates don't take the time to meet with the public and hear what they have to say.

With their plates loaded with enchiladas the people move to the gym where the candidates will speak and answer questions.

While some have held events to try and bring the candidate to the public, many of those events happen mid-day or at lunch where some can't make the event.

This Friday may present a solution to this problem, as the Nara Visa Community Center will be host to a Meet the Candidates Forum.

I attended this forum in 2008 and it was not only a success in bringing the people together with the candidates for county, state and federal office, it also held a tasty enchilada supper and pie auction.

Now, it may just be my passion for that staple of Mexican cuisine, those golden tortillas, the savory red chili and the melty divine cheese. Yeah, there are beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes, but let's not kid ourselves — we all know who's the star of the show.

The obvious co-star would be the golden brown sopapillas made fresh in a secluded back room — don't want people getting burned by the grease, plus it's the perfect place to sneak a few of the bites with honey.

Seems that when you bring people together for a good meal and conversation you can get a lot accomplished.In 2008, the candidates spoke about their goals and answered questions and addressed concerns of the voters who were no more than 10 feet away from them the entire time.

So if you have a question for a candidate, a couple extra dollars for a meal and perhaps some pie and don't mind a scenic drive out of the way, check out the forum at 5:30 p.m., Mountain time Friday at the Nara Visa Community Center.

(Thomas Garcia is the senior writer at the Quay County Sun. Contact him at

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