The road warriors

Warmer weather means there is going to be a lot more traffic out on our county and state roads.

While we rush off to get somewhere, they are working to ensure we can get there.

Living in Quay County, there are two major roads on which traffic never seems to come to a standstill.

The lanes of Interstate 40 and U.S. Highway 54 are constantly traveled by local and tourist alike.

While we take care to be mindful of the other drivers, today I was reminded of another group of people who should have more attention.

Those people are the crews of the New Mexico Department of Transportation and road construction crews.

We start our cars, get on the roads and we head off to our next destination. It's not an uncommon occurrence; most of us do this many times a day. But how many of us forget about those guys in the orange vests as we zip by them on the road"

I won't lie. I'm guilty of speeding through a construction zone. I won't say which one, but I'm sure there is a worker or two who could point me out in a lineup.

They may not have the best timing, and will occasionally make us late to an appointment or two, but these guys are out there working to make our roads safer.

Of course you can't forget the Congo line of cars when you come across that "Be prepared to stop" sign.

It sometimes reminds me of NASCAR when the line takes off behind the pilot car. We all patiently follow the pace car waiting for the green flag so we can get back to the race.

Those crews are just making sure that our travels are as simple as getting from point A to B.

(Thomas Garcia is the senior writer at the Quay County Sun. Contact him at

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