Geography irrelevant in election

While Quay County voters may be limited by party in what commission candidates they can vote for, they aren't bound by geography.

That's because county commission races are decided by voting at large. This is the second election that Quay County has had such a designation, County Clerk Ellen White said.

Commissioners, White said, changed the voting from a district base to an at-large base through State Statute 4-38-3B — which allows any county with a population of less than 13,000 to offer at-large commission elections.

However, voters will still only be able to vote for one commission race in the June 5 primary, based on party registration.

"The candidates for District I are both Democrats," White said. "The candidates for District II are both Republicans."

In each case, the winner of the primary will also win the general election, as the opposing party has no nominee.

Democrats Robert Lopez and Sue Dowell are running in District I, while Republicans Mike Cherry and Ernest Dominguez are running for District 2.

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