Safety tips taught to Elementary students

A safety message, "Think First", is what University of New Mexico Hospital officials stressed Wednesday to Tucumcari Elementary students.

Teacher's assistant Shawn Martinez helps Ruben Arzola put on his free safety helmet Wednesday at Tucumcari Elementary.

"We would rather travel the state promoting safety and prevention, then have a family experience a tragedy," said Helen Sisneros, director of Think First.

Sisneros said education helps children to make smart decisions that will ensure their and other's safety.

The program covered various safety topics and situations that children may encounter in day-to-day activities. Those include; biking without a helmet, diving while swimming and even finding a gun.

Sisneros said children need to understand their are consequences that could come from not taking the proper safety precautions.

The students watch a video that highlighted several safety situations including; the proper was to cross in front of a school bus, proper ways to swim and dive, looking both ways before crossing a street and notifying an adult when they find a gun.

"You should always buckle up in a car and wear your helmet on your bike," second grader Leah Olivas said.

At the end of the program, students were given a safety helmet that they could wear for biking or skate boarding.

Sisneros said with proper education the children can learn how to be safe and avoid dangerous situations which may lead to trauma care.

"All you have to do is Think First," Sisneros said. "Use your mind to protect your body."

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