Five staff members set to retire from Logan schools

On Saturday Logan schools will lose more than 26 graduating seniors, they will be losing 5 staff members to retirement.

Sherri Gray opens goodbye cards at her desk as a student leaving for the summer break passes by in the hallway.

The staff members, all retiring after Saturday ceremonies, are:

  • Ricky Hazen, superintendent (two years service)
  • Sherri Gray, special education teacher (17 and a half years)
  • Russell Feerer, science teacher (26 years)
  • Theresa Bruhn, math teacher (five years)
  • Greg Kelly, maintenance manager (24 years)

Logan held an awards ceremony Thursday where students honored the teachers with standing ovations.

Bruhn was recognized by her college math students for all of her help and encouragement.

"I do not think we would have made it through those classes without (her)," said Holly Raines Baxter.

Bruhn said the students in the college math class had taken the title of "Nerd Heurd."

"I am very much honored to be a part of that herd," Bruhn said.

After Feerer presented the awards for his science students he spoke a few words about his time at Logan Schools. He said when he started at Logan a certain local reporter was in the first grade.

"It's definitely been an interesting journey," Feerer said.

Feerer said he will attend most games and fucntions. He will miss the kids the most, though he will not miss the paperwork.

After the ceremony Gray returned to her classroom, the white board was filled with well wishes written by students.

"It's been a wild ride," Gray said. "I'm ready to yell, 'Whoopee,' at the end."

Hazen said he enjoyed his time at Logan Schools and wishes he would have started there 10 years earlier.

"I've gotten attached to the students, staff and community," Hazen said. "I'm going to miss everybody."

Kelly was not available for comment.

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