Voters should look past mudslinging

First, let me be clear: I do not believe it is right for political party officers and elected officials to take sides in a contested primary.

I have represented New Mexico as a state representative for nearly 18 years and I am both honored and blessed to serve the best constituents in our great state.

I'm writing about the Senate District 7 race and my concern for the impact of this race on our Republican party and our community.

Over the last several weeks, the nastiness, misinformation, innuendo, slanderous mailings, robo calls and, in some cases, flat-out lies have created a toxic political environment the likes of which I have never seen before.

Even worse, it appears this kind of politics is being driven by outsiders — people who do not live here, don't work here and don't raise their children here.

To bash one candidate over the other for a contribution labeling them as a supporter of liberals who support issuing driver's licenses to illegals is both slanderous and untrue.

Honestly, I'm surprised the state Senate District 7 race has gotten so much attention. To me, it appears it has become so mean-spirited I fear our Republican party may be torn apart.

At their core, I believe both candidates are decent human beings who have the best of intentions. They both support most of the same issues and values.

While each offer different experiences and histories of public service, they both strongly support our governor and her efforts to reform education, create jobs and stop issuing driver's licenses to illegals.

No matter who wins, it is a win for our party. Remember, both candidates are Republicans.

Republicans are intelligent enough to not believe the hype and misinformation the advisors for these campaigns appear to generate.

When you vote, I urge you to ignore the mud-slinging flyers and nasty mailers coming from outside our district. The only issue voters should consider at the ballot box is this:

Who is the more qualified and who will best represent your district and our interests? It is not Santa Fe or Albuquerque or any other part of New Mexico that make our decisions — it is we the people of Senate District 7.

Anna Crook, R-Clovis, is a state representative. Contact her at:

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