City to work on water projects

City of Tucumcari will use $1.5 million from the New Mexico Finance Authority to improve its water infrastructure.

City Manager Doug Powers said the money ($1,594,790) will be used for two water projects, radio read water meters and a new 500,000-gallon water tank.

The radio meters are guaranteed accurate for 20 years, said Water Department Superintendent Charlie Sandoval.

Sandoval said the system will free up one of his staff who would normally read meters 12 to 15 days a month.

"It's a great system that will allow us to be more efficient," Sandoval said.

Powers said the system has several advantages for the city; any meter can be read from City Hall and the software can detect a possible leak.

Sandoval said before a customer was not aware they had a leak until the meter was read the next month. He said the software will detect a higher than normal usage and flag the account.

Powers said city staff can contact the resident and advise them they may have a leak. He said an early detection can translate in to money saved for the resident.

The second project is a new water tank which will be placed on West Route 66 near the Golf Course.

Powers said the tank will serve as a reserve in the event of the other tanks or city wells experience a problem.

The City hired Forsgren Associates Inc., an Albuquerque based engineering firm for $29,000 to design the water tank and supporting infrastructure.

Powers said the projects should go out for bid in August.

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