Local youths give a business a renewed look

A local agency is lending a hand in removal of graffiti from buildings in Tucumcari.

"We want the kids to have a sense of pride and have a part in creating and maintaining that pride," said Robert Poe, Team Builders behavioral management specialist.

Poe said during the summer, he and other staff along with the kids in their program will be conducting a graffiti clean up of local businesses.

"It's giving the kids a chance to give back to their community," Poe said.

On Wednesday, the kids painted the back of the ALCO retail store marked with numerous samples of graffiti.

"It speaks a lot for the direction of the youth in our community are taking," said Brian Woodward, manager of ALCO.

Woodward said he was appreciative for the kids painting the graffiti. He said he normally would have had employees paint over the graffiti. He said the kids did a great job covering up the graffiti on the white walls of the building and they will return next week to cover up the graffiti on the green walls.

"It's so wonderful to see the kids taking action in their community," said Veronica Sandy, city code enforcement officer.

Sandy said the city staff appreciates having a local agency assist in the beautification of Tucumcari. She said youths who are willing to take action in the community is what will help to improve Tucumcari.

Poe said they have at least 15 additional buildings they plan to paint over the course of the Summer.

The City donated the paint, brushes and rollers used to paint ALCO.

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