Notes from a churchlady: God makes people, animals in unique way

"…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…" Psalm 139:14

The last few weeks I thought we were running a kitten nursery around our house. Three stray mother cats each had kittens. We didn't see them for a long time but eventually they started darting around the garage. The mother cats were weaning them and ready for them to go. I don't mind a couple of cats around to take care of the mice, but I didn't need that many kittens. It was fairly easy to catch the first six kittens and each of them went to a good home.

One kitten wasn't so compliant and threw a fit when he got caught. Placed in a box he couldn't get out of he spit and hissed at everything. He was given the name "Rattlesnake" because his tail stood straight up and twitched like a snake as well as being the meanest cat I ever saw. However, he didn't wind up at the farm as he was quickly adopted. The man was determined to work with him and later I heard the kitten is now the most gentle and loving cat you ever saw.

Another notable kitten is a gorgeous calico. She has the most beautiful green eyes and her markings are perfect. We caught her one time, played with her and let her go. I decided to keep her, but she won't allow anyone to catch her. I occasionally see her darting around the garage or in the yard.

I was disappointed that the calico didn't want to have anything to do with me, but Mark reminded me how blessed I am to have a cat that loves me unconditionally. When this kitten was born a year ago there was nothing remarkable about him. In addition, he had a temper. The first time I picked him up he scratched and fought me until I accidently dropped him in the trash can. I gave him the name "Tasmanian Devil", "Taz" for short and right then and there decided I wasn't going to try picking him up again.

About a month later, his disposition changed and he decided I was his human. He purred and rubbed against my legs. When I sat down he hopped in my lap, curled up and went to sleep. We became the best of friends. He knows my moods, especially when I am down. The other day he was in my lap and reached up and patted my cheek in such a loving way.

These kittens serve as a reminder of how we judge other people and ourselves as well. Sometimes when we meet someone for the first time, we don't always get along. One of my best friends was a lady who seemed rather brash and curt. Once we got acquainted, we realized we could confide in each other without worrying about it being repeated.

Back to the cute kitten, while she has all the markings of the perfect cat, she refuses taming and wants nothing to do with humans. Even her own mother ignores her now. Unless she is tamed, she will never become someone's pet.

God makes each person and each animal in a wonderful and unique way. No two people are the same, even identical twins. He knew the best way to create us and it is up to us to live in a manner that will glorify Him. Some of us are in the process of transforming into what God wants for us. Never give up on a Taz or Rattlesnake. They just might turn out to be the best friend you ever had.

Debra Whittington is a longtime resident of Tucumcari. Contact her at:

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