Clovis biodiesel plant plans to sell fuel locally

CLOVIS — A biodiesel producer at the Clovis Industrial Park is setting up to sell its product locally. Renewable Energy Group is prepping a wholesale terminal at the plant, with product available for delivery in July. Alicia Clancy, corporate affairs manager for REG, said the terminal will have an inventory capacity of 500,000 gallons, with […]

Plateau offering fiber optics

Plateau's new fiber optics data service will optimize data services for city, county and medical offices in Tucumcari. "There is a considerable difference in speed," said County Manager Richard Primrose. Plateau Chief Executive Officer Tom Phelps said fiber optics is geared towards those who need a large bandwidth, including hospitals and government offices. Phelps said […]

Editorial: Government needs reminder of responsibilities

Now that we've narrowed the field for our next set of elected representatives, let's remind them all what they're supposed to be doing on our behalf: Securing our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Three recent news stories suggest they need a good reminding. Somehow we doubt the Founding Fathers would […]

Residents seek animal health care out of town

A fire on May 28 damaged and has temporarily closed the Tucumcari Animal Hospital, forcing residents to travel out of town for their animals care. QCS PHOTO: Thomas Garcia Styx has a cone placed around his neck to prevent him from biting at the stitches on his stomach. Two days after the fire Tami Simpson's […]

Charges dropped against former Clovis police officer

CLOVIS — Criminal charges against a Clovis police officer involved in a fatal vehicle accident in 2010 were dropped Friday. Attorney Dan Lindsey said Judge Teddy Hartley dropped charges after ruling interference in grand jury deliberations. Officer Stephen Gallegos, no longer with the Clovis Police Department, was indicted in January 2011 on charges of vehicular […]

Mesalands provides summer math academy

Mesalands Community College will be hosting a Texas Tech University Summer Math Camp Academy sponsored by the National Science Foundation, June 11-17. During this academy, students will have the opportunity to collaborate via the Web with Texas Tech mathematics faculty and staff, and will be exposed to many different facets of mathematics, and learn to […]

City seeks money for ramp lighting

The city of Tucumcari is working with the New Mexico Department of Transportation to secure funding for additional lighting at Interstate 40 and U.S. Highway 54 interchange. City manager Doug Powers said it's a matter of safety and promoting Tucumcari. "It's dark at those ramps," Powers said. "So dark it may discourage travelers from taking […]

Hope children rediscover fun of playing outside

Last week while driving around town, I nearly wrecked the car when I saw a couple of young children playing softball on a vacant lot. The ball and bat were much in use, and a lot of running was going on. Laughter was most pleasant to hear as the batter would miss the ball or […]

City to work on water projects

City of Tucumcari will use $1.5 million from the New Mexico Finance Authority to improve its water infrastructure. City Manager Doug Powers said the money ($1,594,790) will be used for two water projects, radio read water meters and a new 500,000-gallon water tank. The radio meters are guaranteed accurate for 20 years, said Water Department […]

Primary turnout up

An increased turnout of voters in the Tuesday primary election resulted in a pair of close races and one landslide victory. QCS photo: Thomas Garcia County Clerk Ellen White, right, reads off election result numbers from Precinct 2 (Forrest), as Franklin McCasland writes the results for the residents keeping tally during Tuesday's primary election. "It […]