Moncus: Former students still kids to me

We Golden Rattlers have now received our "2012 Golden Rattler Directory" and have gone through it carefully searching for names of old friends.

Although many of them are missing, some of them may still be alive. Their names could have been purged from the last directory because they had not sent in contributions or registered at the reunion for several years. We can look at last year's directory and call some of those we might be concerned about to see if they are still around.

According to the new directory, the two remaining members of the Class of 1934 are the oldest Golden Rattlers. They are Tom Bodine of Amarillo and Texanna Furlow Harris of Surprise, Ariz. Of course, we have a long list of the youngest Golden Rattlers from the Class of 1962. To have our directory containing names from 1934 through 1962 is a privilege for those of us who are proud to be among "the old folks."

Actually, I don't mind being called old, but I have become a bit upset during the last few years because so many of my former students have become members of this august organization. Thinking of them as old just doesn't seem quite right, especially since I still call them my "kids" and greet them as boys and girls when we meet. No matter how old I become, they will always remain young in my eyes.

THS Rattlers really appreciate all the work the board does in order to get us ready for the coming reunion during the first full weekend in August. They have been working behind the scenes since last August and will be hard at work throughout the reunion.

The directory is often the first fairly general announcement of the coming gathering although many classes have been in contact with each other throughout the year. This first major publication lets us know that we need to make all our plans and to contact as many friends as possible to be sure they are coming.

The "great Class of 1952" has been among those making plans because this will be our 60th anniversary of having graduated from THS. We have been calling back and forth and letting our classmate Nancy Ward Napier do most of the work by mail and by e-mail. She keeps us in touch with each other when she has time and lets us know what is happening in the lives of as many classmates as she can contact.

Let's thank the board for how much they do and let them know how we look forward to being able to continue having our annual all-school reunion. We have established a major tradition, and many of us are in favor of keeping traditions alive. We'll be visiting more about this tradition during the next few weeks and will hope that each of you will contact others to be sure they come to our Rattler Reunion.

Let's get ready to sing "Hail to the Rattlers."

Lynn Moncus is a Tucumcari resident and can be contacted through the Quay County Sun by calling 575-461-1952.

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