Benefit dinner features columnist

Local residents reach out to renowned poet Baxter Black in an effort to help veterinarian Jean P. Corey re-establish her practice in Quay County.

A tragic fire on May 21, claimed the lives of more than 50 animals and damaged the Tucumcari Animal Hospital leaving Corey without a place to care for animals.

In an effort to help Corey, a dinner and show featuring Cowboy Poet Baxter Black was organized for July 27 at the Quay County Fair Barn by the Friends of Tucumcari Animal Hospital.

"We must not forget those animals who died in vain, nor those animals left without a place to receive care," said Tonya Cox Cone, co-event coordinator.

Cone said a short time after the fire she along with Ruth Nelson formed the Friends of Tucumcari Animal Hospital with the goal to raise money to help Corey.

She said Corey had insurance, though it will only cover certain expenses. Corey also has the added cost of trying to find a temporary clinic which meets state requirements.

Cone said she and Nelson talked about the best way to raise money for their cause and reaching out to Baxter Black just made sense. Nelson said they called Black's publicist and explained what they were doing, their story was relayed to the poet, who agreed to appear at the function.

"Jesus said, 'Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,'" Black said, " and that's what we're doing. We're helping someone in the community that needs help. It's a good cause."

Nelson said Black is a fellow veterinarian and has even lowered his normal fee to allow the group to raise more money from the ticket sales to aid Corey.

"This is a most gracious gesture made by Baxter Black," Nelson said. "We strongly urge people to buy tickets in support of Dr. Corey."

Nelson said other area organizations have made efforts to help their cause, the Quay County commissioners and manager Richard Primrose agreed to reduce fee to lease the fair barn. She said the Pow Wow Restaurant has also offered to cater the event at a lower price allowing for more money to go towards Corey's efforts. There are two types of tickets available — a $50 ticket which covers the dinner, show and dance afterwards and a $100 VIP ticket that includes a meet-and-greet with Black.

For information or to purchase tickets by credit card call 461-6000

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