More than 100 pets registered for fair

Quay County residents registered more than 100 animals to take part in the 2012 Dog and Cat Health Fair, scheduled for Aug. 9-11 at the Tucumcari Convention Center.

Although 180 animals were registered for the spay and neutering bus, only 105 of those animals will be treated, said Christina Fleming, event coordinator.

Fleming said if an owner registered at any of the city offices on the first day of registration July 16, they received a spot. She added that she contacted the operators of the bus, the Santa Fe Humane Society, and haved asked for a future visit.

Fleming said the van costs $2,200 per day and unless additional state funding is made available, or the city, county and villages offer to assist in offsetting the costs it could be a while until there is another event like this in Quay County.

"I think it is a great service and was glad to hear they were coming to Tucumcari," said Richard Primrose, Quay County manager.

Primrose said that the county's budget has already been set and he would have to approach the commission for approval of any money, if it were available, that could be used towards putting on another event.

Fleming said the Tucumcari Animal Hospital is still not open and Jean P. Corey is still not able to perform surgeries due to a May 21 fire. that destroyed the hospital. Fleming added that it was important to not lose progress made on spaying and neutering pets until Corey's practice is back up and running.

Fleming said even if pet owners did not get an appointment for spay and neutering she hopes everyone takes advantage of the services which available with no appointment needed, including vaccination, microchipping and treating for fleas and ticks.

Pet owners are reminded that they must follow city ordinances in regards to their pets.

Fast facts

The City of Tucumcari Volunteer Animal Rescue Presents:

2012 Dog and Cat Health Fair

Aug. 9-11

Tucumcari Convention Center (rear parking lot)

Surgery drop-offs at 7 am, activities 8 a.m., until 4 p.m.,

8 a.m., to 2 p.m., spay and neuters (by appointment)

Daily pet grooming services by "Up my Alley", walk-ups welcome.

Daily Pet Portraits, walk-ups welcome.

Daily Veterinary services:

Drs. Jean Corey and James Thompkins will provide vaccinations daily from 9-11 am, no appointment needed:

  • Rabies $10
  • 7-way $20
  • Cat combo $15

The Santa Fe Humane Society will offer these services daily 12 p.m.-3 p.m. no appointment needed:

  • Standard de-worming $5
  • Tapeworm de-worming: Cats $10, Dogs up to 25 pounds $10, Dogs 26 to 60 pounds $20, Dogs over 60 pounds $25
  • Micro-chipping $6
  • Nail trimming $5
  • E-collar $5
  • Flea/Tick prevention $15 (each dose is one month's protection)
  • Heartworm prevention (6 months): Dogs up to 25 pounds $27, Dogs 26-50 pounds $32, Dogs 51-100 pounds $37
  • Tests: FeLV/FIV test (cats) $25, Heartworm test $15, Parvo test $2.

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