Slice of life: Route 66 and College Street

I spent 30 minutes Tuesday morning at the corner of Route 66 and College Street, watching life pass in front of me.

Here's what I saw:

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

QCS reporter Jerrene Bradley spent 30 minutes Tuesday morning at the corner of Route 66 and College Street.

• A few people stopped at the Fina station to fill up their vehicles, including Justin Powell. He was on his motorcycle, headed to work.

  • At the Circle K, a Budweiser truck was making its delivery for the day.
  • A line of people at the Cornerstone donut shop were getting their treats to start the day. I saw Frank Gutierrez, Bobby Naranjo, at least two tourist vehicles and other customers. Every now and then I could catch the smell of the pastries drifting across the street.
  • Steve Smith and his crew of workers were seen coming out of Burns Lumber with materials for their job.
  • A Pepsi truck was headed east probably on its way to make deliveries.
  • Arch Hurley, railroad and state highway vehicles were headed west on their way to work.
  • There were four pedestrians walking along Route 66, two of whom used the crosswalks. A man and woman jaywalked on their way to Circle K.
  • It was a breezy, cool morning with the temperature at 77 degrees and a mostly cloudy sky.
  • The smell of donuts finally got the best of me. Munch, munch.

Jerrene Bradley writes for the Quay County Sun and is always on the lookout for her neighbors. Contact her at:

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