City to use grant to cap, close landfill

A solid waste facility grant from the New Mexico Environmental Department Solid Waste Bureau will help the city close and cap the old landfill.

"We are extremely lucky to have received the $133,268 from the solid waste bureau," City Manager Doug Powers said.

Powers said there was only $700,000 available from the bureau, which had received more than $3 million worth of request from around the state.

Powers said not only does the city have to meet the requirements to close the landfill to prevent seepage or potential ground water contamination, a two foot cap is required as well.

Powers said the cap is also required to have vegetative seeding to ensure the cover stays in place. He said this is to prevent exposure of the waste at the ground level.

Powers said before any of this can occur their plan has to be approved by the environmental department.

The commission also approved the purchase of a John Deere 85K bulldozer for $298,250 to be used at the new landfill.

Powers said there currently is no bulldozer in operation at the landfill.

Tom Growney Equipment in Albuquerque came in with the lowest primary bid, said Misty Gulley, the city's community project coordinator.

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