Former Logan principal honored

Met Life and the New Mexico Association of Secondary School Principals selected Logan school's former principal for the state's principal of the year award.

QCS staff photo: Thomas Garcia

Garry Miller stands with his plaque which he was awarded on July 25 in Albuquerque for being selected as the state principal of the year.

Gary Miller, now principal of Clayton Municipal Schools, received the award for his achievements and recognition from his peers from his nine years service as principal at Logan (2003-2012).

Miller received his award July 25 at the New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators' annual award Luncheon

Miller said just being nominated for this award and seeing his name on the program was exciting. He said winning the award was the highest honor he has received.

Miller is now eligible win the national principal of the year award, which will be awarded on Sept. 19-22 at the 2012 Principals Institute in Arlington, Va.

Miller said he is excited to attend this event to learn about issues facing education. He said he looks forward to going to Capital Hill and lobbying for education.

"This gives me a rare opportunity to let those legislators know what is going on in New Mexico and how they can help," Miller said.

Miller said he feels he won the award because of his continued involvement in the academic and sports programs at Logan. He said he has served not only as the principal but as the school's athletic director.

"Gary Miller was extremely committed to the school, so much so you'd think he lived there," said Sherri Gray, former Logan school teacher.

Gray said she there were younger students who actually believed Miller lived at the school. She said he was always willing to listen to ideas, and worked to get the material and equipment needed for the improvement of the students education.

Miller said their are projects that he felt he left undone at Logan, one of which is the expansion of the school's agricultural farm. He said he would have liked to been able to develop the farm into having multiple livestock barns and a show ring in order for the students to have a local arena for shows and sales.

Miller also wanted to work on developing a youth women's softball program. He said he hoped it would start as a summer league-type program.

Miller said he appreciates all of the support from past superintendent Richard Hazen. He said he is thankful for the opportunity and time he spent working with the teachers, staff and students at Logan.

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