Logan Schools hire principal, superintendent

There will be two new faces in administration at Logan Municipal Schools when the school year begins.

Johnnie Cain is the new school superintended, replacing Richard Hazen, who retired. Craig Terry is the new principal.

"Taking this job has brought me closer to home," Cain said. "I look forward to continuing and improving the school's strong academic and sports programs."

Cain said he previously served as the superintendent of Vaughn Schools and took the position in Logan for its good reputation in academics and sport. He said he was raised in San Jon so moving closer to home was a plus.

Cain said he wants to work on raising the grades of the school under the state's new A-F grading system.

Cain said to improve the school's grade they have added an additional math teacher and he will be working closely with the Terry. He said additional teachers have been hired to replace those which retired last year.

Terry said he has spent time with the teachers and staff at the school in an effort to learn the daily operations at the school. He said he previously served as the assistant principal of Clovis High School.

Cain said he has noticed a difference in the transition from a large- to small-town school. He said the community is more involved with what goes on at Logan schools.

Cain said he welcomes the opportunity to work with the students, parents and community on a more personable level. He said there is a high level of expectations from the community when it comes to the school and its academic and sports program.

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