Event offers health care for animals

More than 100 animals will receive services at the 2012 Dog and Cat Health Fair at the Tucumcari Convention Center this weekend.

There are only 105 reservations for the spay and neutering services, though pet owners should come out and take advantage of the other services which will be available without appointments, said Christina Fleming, event coordinator.

Fleming said those services will include vaccination, microchipping and treating for fleas and ticks. She said this fair is a great opportunity, one which they are still trying to pay for.

Fleming said they have received some financial assistance to offset some the cost of having the bus operate in Tucumcari, which is $2,200 per day. She said a pair of local businesses, Pajarito Interiors and Bob's Budget Pharmacy, have offered donations, but noted further assistance from the city, villages and counties would help.

Fleming said if they can not fully cover the cost of this event then the chances of having another event like this in Quay County are very slim.

Tucumcari Animal Hospital is still not open and Jean P. Corey is still not able to perform surgeries due to a May 21 fire that destroyed the hospital. Fleming added that it was important to not lose progress made on spaying and neutering pets until Corey's practice is back up and running.

"We called a veterinarian office in Clovis and were told that it would cost between $200 to $250 for the spay and vaccinations of our two-and-a-half-year-old miniature poodle," said Monica Schroeder of Tucumcari.

Schroeder said the poodle is a stray she took in and having this service is a great advantage. She said living in a rural community without a local vet means residents not only have to factor in the cost of the procedures, they have to add the cost of traveling.

"I will be happy when Dr. Corey is back up and running again," Schroeder said.

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