Slice of Life at the Cornerstone Deli

Eating at the Cornerstone Deli

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

QCS reporter Jerrene Bradley spent 45 minutes Tuesday at noon in the Cornerstone Deli.

I spent 45 minutes around noon on Tuesday watching people eating their lunch just like me. This is what I saw:

  • Rachel Hicklin, owner, was busy taking the orders and collecting the money, while Ruben Dominguez and his staff were putting together the sandwiches and salads.
  • Ronnie and Diane Minica were sitting at a table with Eddy Howell enjoying their deli sandwiches. Marion Payton and her co-worker came in for their lunch break to enjoy a sandwich.
  • Across the way two separate tables of tourists stopped in to eat.
  • Courtney Haller walked in to pick up her to-go order for the family.
  • Diane Jimenez brought three children in with her for lunch.
  • Two young cowboys stood at the counter visiting with Hicklin and Dominguez while they waited on their to-go order.
  • While finishing up my sandwich I looked across at the frozen custard but decided I was too full. Maybe next time.

Jerrene Bradley writes for the Quay County Sun and is always on the lookout for her neighbors. Contact her at:

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