Slice of life: Quay County Fair

I spent 30 minutes Friday afternoon at the county fair, watching life pass in front on me.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

QCS reporter Jerrene Bradley spent 30 minutes Friday afternoon at the Quay County Fair.

Here's what I saw:

  • James and Susie Lott were sitting at one of the tables enjoying a hamburger and corn dog.
  • Billy and Crystal Burns, along with three kids, were eating a giant turkey leg, ribbon fries and hamburgers with drinks.
  • Cecil and Vickie Naylor and Doyle Frasier were all walking down the aisles looking at all the booths.
  • Glen and Wanda Evans were seen visiting with Homer and Joan Farrow.
  • Phillip and Kathleen Box were enjoying a hamburger while taking a break from their booth.
  • Sherry Byrd was walking around holding her new baby boy.
  • Bobby and Joan Meade were sitting at a table having a cold drink while visiting.
  • Ruth Ann Litchfield walked by with her plate of ribbon fries.
  • Inside the building it was nice and comfortable under the air conditioning, but outside it was a hot and muggy 92 degrees.
  • In the background you could hear the bluegrass music being played.
  • Lots of kids were walking around through the aisles eating big slices of watermelon. It sure looked refreshing, so I talked a little girl into bringing me a slice. Boy was it ever refreshing.

Jerrene Bradley writes for the Quay County Sun and is always on the lookout for her neighbors. Contact her at:

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