Care bags filled

On Monday a community came together at the Quay County Fair Barn to help fill "Care Bags" for those people who are going through treatments for cancer and other devastating disease.

A hundred bags were sewn together by the Forest Extension Club and hats were crocheted together by the Conchas Extension club. The items will be put in bags along with non-slip socks, notepads, lip balm, calendars, pens, gloves, game books and more.

QCS photo: Jerrene Bradley

Tucumcari residents work to fill "care bags" for cancer patients during an event at the Quay County Fair Barn. Organizers received more than $900 in financial help and countless material donations. The donations helped fill 100 bags.

Lynelle Leatherwood, event coordinator, said the donations were overwhelming.

She said more than $900 was donated to go towards buying articles that was needed.

Vivian Horne spent all this last week making hand made cards to be put in the bags for each recipient, with a personal note for each one. Horne said it really gave her a good feeling to help out.

This was the first year for this event and Leatherwood hopes that it will become a yearly project. She said 18 volunteers showed up to help fill all of the Care Bags, adding that hopefully next year there will be a better show of people from the community to take part in this event as there are many Quay County residents that are in need of this service.

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